Parking plea

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Your letters

Winter is on its way and, of course, this brings periods of heavy rain.

Last year I endeavoured to encourage drivers not to drive and park on the grass verges and urban grass areas.

During the summer months when the ground hardens, driving on the verges has little to no effect. However, following the rain, the verges and grassed areas turn into quagmires which look disgusting .

For some odd reason, some drivers have an obsession

with parking on the grass, driving over the verges and even in some cases find it acceptable to totally block the pavement so that pedestrians have no choice but to walk in the road.

Again, I feel compelled to ask all drivers please do not drive and park on the verges and urban grass areas and let’s try this year to keep the towns and villages looking as if we actually do care for the place in which we live , even if we have to walk a few yards.

Lionel Parsons

County councillor for North Lancing and Sompting

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