Parking PR is poor says patient...

I FEEL what happened to me is another instance of an elderly, disabled person being victimised by overbearing authority procedures; totally unwarranted and undeserved.

I recently attended Worthing Hospital for an unpleasant endoscopic examination.

I parked my car on a double yellow line with my disabled badge clearly displayed.

I am allowed three hours’ parking in these circumstances.

Unfortunately, I overstayed my time by just over an hour (through no fault of mine) and on returning to my car I found I had a parking ticket for £70.

My appointment was for 10am, but I was not called in until 10.50am, so was already late.

The examination took far longer than expected, making me later still.

I wrote to appeal against this fine, explained the circumstances and sent a photocopy of the hospital letter with the date and time of my appointment.

My letter of appeal has been rejected and they are demanding full payment.

Is this the way to treat an elderly lady, already worried and harassed about the physical examination and subsequent serious health problem?

I realise I was in the wrong in over-running my parking time, but the delay in procedure was out of my hands and I had no means of getting back to my car at the time.

I find all this distressing and worrying and consider it a very poor example of public relations.

Jo Allison

Windsor Court