Parking price shock

WE can’t believe the cost of the car park – the NCP in Russell Road, Brighton, next to the Odeon cinema

We went to see Harry Potter, which, yes, is a long film, and when we came out, we ran into Mothercare, in Churchill Square, grabbed a couple of Christmas gifts, then left for the car park.

We put our ticket into the machine and the price to pay flashed up before our eyes – £20!

I felt so embarrassed as my boyfriend had treated me to taking me to the cinema – our first date after having our baby boy in May.

Well, we won’t be using that car park ever again and we won’t use that cinema again, not when it’s free to go to the marina – £36 for the two of us to go to the cinema on a Sunday morning. Disgusting!

No wonder traders are struggling. Same goes for Worthing, really we have no support.

I’m so glad I don’t own a shop in town. It really isn’t a pleasure in town, it’s a rush to get back to the car park.

You can’t enjoy shopping any more or a bite to eat with friends or the cinema without thinking you have got to hurry to get back to the car.

Sherrie Price

Grand Avenue