Parking problems

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I FEEL I have to write, via your newspaper, to bring people’s attention to the street parking problems we have around our town.

The main one is parking on the footpath, which seems to be the acceptable habit which is increasing all the time. It seems to me the owners of these vehicles don’t care about the dangers they are putting other people in. Parking on the footpath creates problems with getting a double buggy pushchair, wheelchair and blind people through, in some cases having to walk around in the road to pass the vehicle.

I do believe it is an offence to park on the footpath, but it seems to be all right by the local authority and police. Perhaps when the council receives claims through someone falling over because of the broken slabs caused by parking something might be done about it, or when someone is knocked down by a car mounting the pavement to park, perhaps the police will do something.

The other two concerns are parking within the hazard lines of a junction, e.g., Melrose Avenue and Bolsover Road, parking on bends in the road, both of which are not in the Highway Code.

A. J. Shepherd

Melrose Close