Parking regime woe

THE parking regime in Worthing is an affront to the residents who pay NSL wages and profits.

Visitors’ tickets are purchased by residents, some of them never having owned a car so do not know that NSL changed the tickets and added VRM instead of VRN.

It should be clear that it’s Vehicle Reg Number not Mark.

Is it really necessary to put the reg number on a 30p ticket for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon?

It’s just another excuse to earn money on a £50 fine for NSL, they are a disgrace to Worthing residents and visitors.

It is about time we had councillors with business acumen who could put Worthing taxpayers first and run parking in-house.

Has anyone heard of a car park going bankrupt? But that’s another sorry saga for Worthing councillors, they were voted in, not town hall clerks.


Church Walk,