Parking rules in Worthing make it difficult for residents

Parking in Worthing never seems to get any easier.

I have often used vouchers to park in Grafton Road, to free up my off-street space for my visitors.

Picture: Paul Jacobs (132272-1) PPP-180615-142143001

Picture: Paul Jacobs (132272-1) PPP-180615-142143001

Recently, with no spaces opposite my house, I drove around and found one in the lower section of Grafton Road leading up to the crossroads with Shelley Road.

I left the appropriate vouchers on the dashboard and not for a second thought that two different parts of the same road would be subject to different rules.

I came out to move the car early the following morning to find a £25 parking fine on the windscreen.

Thanks, folks. Makes living here a pleasure.

Geraldine Blake

Grafton Road, Worthing


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