Parking woes

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Your letters

The residents of Worthing’s parking Zone C have good reason to complain about the way they have been treated.

The decision of Worthing County Local Committee not to respond to their demands for action on their long-­standing car­ parking problems was as extraordinary as it was contradictory.

They’ve got good reason to complain about the parking controls on their streets ending at 6pm, leaving it a free-­for-­all for anyone to come and park in spaces restricted to residents ­only, leaving many of them struggling to find a parking space anywhere near their homes when the return from work.

And it gets worse on Sundays when there are no controls throughout the day.

What was the point of the county council consulting residents about extending the control hours during the week and on Sunday? They voted two to one in Zone C in favour of the changes, but their views were totally ignored by both Tory and Lib Dem county councillors on the committee.

The ridiculous thing is the answer is so simple. There’s the High Street multi-­storey car park on one side which is virtually unused in the evenings and on has plenty of space available on Sundays.

And on the other side of Zone C there’s the Beach House car park which is not only largely empty in the evenings, it’s also free. There’s absolutely no reason why people coming into the town in the evenings or on Sundays should take up valuable residents’ parking spaces.

This matter needs to be brought back before the committee for a proper discussion and a sensible decision that reflects the majority views of residents.

Jim Deen

Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Worthing West

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