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In the last few editions of the Herald there have been reports of the new parking charges that will have adverse effects on nurses working at the Worthing Hospital in Lyndhurst Road.

Unfortunately, I can offer them no hope, only further despair. At the last Worthing County Local Committee meeting, two points were made.

Firstly, it was reported that there is a steady creep of controlled parking zones (CPZs) to cover ever greater parts of Worthing as additional parking restrictions are requested. Each new CPZ area has a knock-on effect to its neighbour. I benefit from being in a CPZ but would rather have the restrictions removed so that workers coming to Worthing had a place to park.

Secondly, the civil servant in charge of parking in West Sussex was asked if the CPZ could be removed from Chesswood Road as nearly everyone in that road had private drives and almost no revenue is generated by the purchase of parking permits.

This action would thus free up parking spaces for nurses. He agreed that it could be possible to remove the CPZ restriction and replace it with a parking meter system.

He did not seem to understand the concept of free parking as this would attract people to park there but not generate funding for the upkeep of roads and their lighting. I thought council tax did this.

He further stated that it was county policy to discourage the use of cars and that CPZs were part of the strategy to achieve this.

The extended CPZ to the outskirts of Chichester will certainly discourage me from going there. So it works, except that I shall probably drive further, to Midhurst instead.

Lloyd Cole

Church Walk


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