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Your letters

I agree with Lloyd Cole on CPZ parking zones. I live at the east end of Church Walk, where parking spaces are available except between 10-11am and 2-3pm, to stop all-day parking.

Result: our end of the road is empty all day, the middle of Church Walk is full up with residents parking, who cannot spread out to park in the rest of the road as our zone is D their zone is E the next zone is F. Why three different zones in one road?

Outside of the town centre all zones in residential areas should be exactly the same, park across the road into another zone and you are fined even if you are the only car parked there.

Traffic zones were to keep traffic flowing, not to make money for West Sussex County Council to take the money out of Worthing to spend all round the rest of Sussex, so the next campaign should now be to get Worthing in house street parking and get rid of CPZ. Any hope of Worthing councillors speaking up for the residents?

Shirley Corderoy

Church Walk,


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