Party a good idea...

THE seafront jubilee party was a good idea by Tom Wye, but, unfortunately, it was lacking in some thought.

Was the stretch of promenade too long? If you were only involved in the centre tables like me, you might have felt out of it.

Where was the music? Somebody said there was dancing – I would like to have joined in. The entertainment? The games for children? Unfortunately, there were spaces where people never arrived, which didn’t help the community spirit.

I really went to enjoy myself, so a lot is my fault, I should have tried and exerted myself, started a sing-song, but I’m leaving it for others to complain about it.

I’ve heard Tom Wye is thinking of making this an annual event.

My comment might help – not so long a length of promenade and a suggested ready-by-time.

I’ll try better next time

Pam Snewin

Lanfranc Road