Passenger worry

IN REFERENCE to the letter of November 3 from Rosemary Dinning, regarding the no.7 bus route.

I wrote to the Herald some time ago in reference to the Pulse buses.

I asked where on the south coast does a town the size of Worthing have a 10-minute service. Brighton rightly so has a 10-minute service.

It is needed considering the volume of people in the city.

Waiting in South street, Worthing, you become aware of the fact that the Pulse bus is not running every 10 minutes.

I use the hourly Compass no.16, hence I have time to observe the routes.

The Pulse bus frequently coming in at three buses every seven minutes.

Waiting for the no.9 bus at the Smugglers pub, going east, at 3.25pm, five Pulse buses came along (heading for Worthing) in the space of 25 minutes.

The buses being lit for winter time, it was easy to do a head count. There were three passengers on one bus, four on another.

It is not rocket science in knowing the Pulse should not be scheduled every 10 minutes.

When the Stagecoach route planners alot times, do they not monitor the running time and passenger volumes to avoid route saturation.

The no.16 would be unable to accommodate passengers from the no.7, no way, they would not be in our predicament of an hourly bus (no thanks).

Stagecoach should monitor the Pulse bus service and decrease numbers, hence less running cost i.e., drivers, field maintenance.

Do not leave the no.7 passengers in the lurch and hung out to dry.

Mr G.D. Dixon

Chesswood Close

East Worthing