Patient’s bitter pill

I AM livid! My GP said I must see a specialist.

I said I wished to consult someone at a top-notch hospital. I’ve paid, in the past, for two operations and my OPD appointments, so it wouldn’t hurt the NHS to pay for me for once.

My GP said I MUST go to Worthing Hospital as it is “cheap”.

I worry about my health, if my GP doesn’t, and I refused to go to Worthing after the extreme rudeness I encountered when I phoned for an appointment there.

I didn’t even step in front of the place before I encountered rudeness.

I am now going to a different hospital, not the “cheap” place, but not before I had received a phone call from my surgery to be told by the receptionist that I’m “wasting NHS money” and the GP wishes me to go to Worthing.

Other people get NHS money to go to other hospitals – why not me, without all the unpleasantness my surgery is throwing at me?

Mrs J. Pounds

Hamble Gardens