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At the recent 20mph limits consultation meeting at Worthing Library, several people asked the question, ‘why waste £350,000 of our money?’

According to Government figures, on average a fatality costs £1.9million, a serious injury over £200,000 and a light injury over £19,000. This means the cost of the injuries on the roads proposed to be included in the 20mph scheme is over £3million, every year.

If the 20mph limits prevent just two serious injuries then the scheme will have paid for itself on one year.

This is probably why the Government states that 20mph limits are one of the most cost effective road safety measures available to local authorities.

Our councillors at the meeting said nothing.

Councillor Michael Cloake then claimed that no businesses supported 20mph limits. He clarified this incorrect statement by saying that the Town Centre Initiative and the Adur and Worthing Chamber of Commerce did not support 20mph limits.

At the most recent CLC meeting it was revealed that our councillors are hoping to use the section 106 monies (raised from developers not residents), not for the 20mph limits but towards repaving the town centre.

The repaving is expected to cost millions but will not make our roads safer for anyone. Is this the reason why the Town Centre Initiative and the Adur and Worthing Chamber of Commerce do not support 20mph limits on the residential streets where we live?

E Stevens

St Lawrence Avenue,


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