Pay injustice

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How astonishing that our wonderful, modest, underpaid MP Sir Peter Bottomley should be the first person to go public on national TV in support of the measly 11 per cent increase awarded to those we elect to represent us.

This takes their salary after the next election to a paltry £74000 – a mere three times the average full-time worker’s income, or five times if you include in the calculations those millions who are unable to find full-time work.

After all, it only represents an 11 per cent increase at a time when many have no pay rise at all or are limited in the public service to one per cent.

Do we want him to join the ranks of those who have to choose between food and heating in this land of the free?

A salary of £74000 per annum plus expenses is clearly nowhere near enough reward for us to pay for the services of such a tireless and courageous fighter for the cause of fairness, justice and equality.

Perhaps there should be a Worthing Herald reader poll to settle the matter once and for all. Any bids, ladies and gentlemen?

Ross Johnson

Highfield Road