Pedal problems

I FEEL that after the events of this week I have to write this letter to you.

While walking down Chapel Road, I was almost knocked down for the third time this week by a cyclist riding his bike along the pavement.

I spoke to the young man in question, saying ‘do you mind, this pavement is for walking on and not for riding your bike’.

His response was a mouth-full of foul language and abuse, and then he continued riding down the pavement towards South Street.

I have only been living in Worthing for nearly five years, and I do like living here, but I think that it is about time a safety programme was started in this town, to try to stop the practice of people cycling on the pavement.

Pavements were made for walking on, and the roads were meant for riding on. Well, that is the way I was brought up, anyway.

This is not the first time that I and my partner, who has special needs, have been spoken to in this manner by a cyclist who has almost knocked us down while walking around the town.

I would like to know your feelings on this matter and also if there are any more people living in this lovely town that have had the same problem and get their opinions on the subject.

Mr R. R. Harman

Brighton Road