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Your letters

If, as Ian Hart points out, F W Mitchell gifted the Manor sports ground to the people of the town for recreation, surely it is not in the gift of the council to offer it to Bohunt for their exclusive or even partially exclusive use.

Bohunt is not ‘the people of the town’, just a small section and should not be allowed to oust the ‘people’ for even part of the day.

It is not much use offering the use of the Manor to dogwalkers and recreational use etc, after school hours, in the winter when it’s dark and possibly the grounds may be locked up overnight.

In 1947, the Marquess of Bute gifted Cardiff Castle to the people of Cardiff and it has remained in their ownership ever since (with free entry to the people of Cardiff at all times, as far as I know).

Their council has supported this freedom. Pity our council doesn’t support our ‘public’ ownership in the same way.

Rosemary Dinning

Russell Close


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