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Your letters

I’m hosting an Easter Fair in Maybridge on April 4, and was hoping to hold a raffle where-by the money raised will be donated to Diabetes UK.

I wrote a letter to 30 shops and businesses in The Strand and Limbrick Corner asking for donations, as I was keeping it as local as possible.

A couple of weeks ago I personally went to some of these shops as I hadn’t heard anything prior, only to find out that they didn’t want to offer anything.

I have a letter from Diabetes UK giving me permission to do this event and backing up my raffle prize donation attempts. I am very disgusted that local businesses won’t support local fetes and fairs. Even an offer of a £5 voucher would at least encourage customers to shop at their outlet. Plus I was willing to advertise their business.

Failing this attempt, I signed up to an internet forum called ‘Streetlife’. It connects local people as far out as you wish and within a week I have had five willing people offering donations of discounts to their services, etc.

I’ve also had donations offered from some of the table top sellers who will be at the fair, too.

If anyone reading this is also in a position to offer any prizes please contact me at

So, after a kick in the teeth from my local shops, I find light at the end of the tunnel by the power of the internet connecting people of Goring and Worthing. I can now look forward to hosting the Maybridge Easter Fair and Raffle in St Richards Church hall, Collingwood Road again. All welcome.

Julian Warrick (Diabetes UK fundraiser)

Melville Way


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