Permit problems

I LIVE in Cirencester. On Saturday, August 5, I drove to Worthing to meet up with a friend prior to us both visiting the wonderful new Amex Stadium. I parked my car outside his house, completed, I thought, the resident visitor Permit he gave me and left it clearly visible. Imagine my horror when, on our return, I found a penalty notice attached to the car alleging the permit was ‘invalid’ and claiming £50 in consequence. I’ve searched and searched the permit. The only possible explanation is a white space with the legend ‘VRM’ next to it that I left blank. What is a ’VRM’ I wonder? I don’t think I have one. Subsequent research suggests it stands for ‘Vehicle Registration Mark. I did not show that, so, perhaps I am indeed guilty. But not only was there no explanation of that this mystery acronym might stand for, but also there was no phone number to allow me to find out.

Why couldn’t Worthing Borough Council write ‘Reg No.’’? Instead of ‘VRM’? Visitors from towns where parking continues to be free and idiocies like this do not exist might then have a chance. It smacks of sharp practice. I think it is despicable. Have any of your other readers suffered similarly? Does the Council admit to the deliberate use obfuscatory language to enhance their revenue-raising capacity?

I shall not be visiting Worthing again and I shall advise my friends to avoid the place, too.

J C (‘Bob’) Gilbert


Chapel Road