Peter Pan paddling pool is a great loss

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WITH reference to P. Burholt’s letter in the Worthing Herald on May 19.

I fully support her views that the new playground at George V Avenue was a splendid idea and is always full of children. But it should not have been built at the expense of Peter Pan’s and the lovely old paddling pool which was always well attended in the summer months.

I spoke to a family from London the other day and they were astonished that the paddling pool was being demolished and that a new playground had been built at George V Avenue, and were even more astonished that the paddling pool is now being closed. Perhaps a sign could be put at the old site informing visitors where the new playground is.

I did explain that the people who run Brooklands had in fact re-opened a paddling pool.

Another ridiculous move to stop families coming down to Worthing on holiday or for the day.

Peter Knight

Langdale Close