Petition questioned

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I WRITE to correct a possible mistake in the theatres petition being posted at the moment.

The petition states that: “The theatres are critical to the local economy.”

I imagine that this is meant to imply that the theatres make money for the town?

If that is so, it is erroneous in a very big way.

The difference between the amount the theatres take in and the amount they cost to run is in the region of £1.3 million a year, which is nearly 10 per cent of the total that the council has to spend on all its services.

The theatres are not money spinners, they are money sinks.

Nobody that I am aware of wants the theatres to close, but it does not seem sensible to carry on spending such vast amounts of money on a non-essential service, when making cuts to essential services.

The council would be a very bad manager if it did not flag this up.

I am very pleased that there is now cross-party agreement on this subject.

It was a pity this could not have been arrived at earlier.

Do we, as council tax payers, want nearly 10 per cent of the money we pay to the council in taxes to be spent solely on the theatres?

I suspect not.

I do hope that we can find a way of keeping the theatres without the tax payer being involved in subsidising them to the present level.

Keith Sunderland

Stone Close