Picture the scene

REGARDING the recent flooding, I would like you to picture the scene.

We live opposite Davison High School, where the overwhelming stench is unbearable. We witnessed the drains in their ground gushing water all weekend, the smell was awful and the flooding of houses around us bad, too.

After contacting Southern Water regarding this, along with our neighbours, we were pleased to see that the water was being pumped away and something was being done, we thought...

We awoke this morning to open our window, soon to shut it again. The smell is overwhelming and passers-by are all holding their noses. We live here and, thankfully, it is not hot weather where we need the windows open. We cannot have our windows or doors open and to think of catching five minutes in the back garden with a cup of tea is impossible.

What is being done about this smell, it is unpleasant for passers-by so imagine how awful it is for us residents. It is like living in a sewer and it’s disgusting that we are just left to put up with it.

Could Southern Water not have the decency to let us know what is happening regarding this, we have had to postpone a family event because it is too bad to go in our garden.

Perhaps the Herald can get more information than us residents so that we can grab five minutes of dry weather out of our houses?

D. Allen

Ham Road

East Worthing