Pipe bursts yet again

PAUL Holden, in Out and About, blames the heavy rain for the flood at the Blue Waters flats at Sea Lane, Ferring, at the west of the greensward.

In fact, it turned out it was the fractured, high-pressure, waste-water pipe which blew for the third time this year.

Early on the morning of Monday, January 10, the gardens along Patterson’s Walk were flooded a foot deep, luckily not getting into the houses, then flowing along the path to create a pond across Sea Lane, Ferring, eight inches deep. Cars were still able to pass providing they took it slowly.

Residents who rang Arun District did not get any help. “Where’s Ferring?” the lady on the phone asked.

By that time, the water was in the underground car park under the flats and residents quickly removed their cars.

At its peak, the water down there was waist deep.

Mid-morning, two fire engines arrived with sand bags to limit the flow and start pumping out the garage.

Southern Water brought a digger to find the burst in the main, and large pumps to carry the water across the beach into the sea.

Four large tankers arrived to collect the water lying in the road and dump it at the pumping station in the middle of the Goring Gap.

The underground pipe all the way along the sea wall carries waste water from Ferring, Goring, and then from Worthing down to the East Worthing treatment works.

Southern Water is worried about this pipe as the sea water salt continues to corrode the metal, and this is the third burst.

Where will it burst next time?

The pipe is pressurised by the pumping stations along the route, including the middle of the Goring Gap, and in Sea Lane, Goring.

Richard Waller

Sea Lane