Plan unlikely

It is unlikely that James Doyle will be able to revitalise the town centre.

A century ago, many men that lived in villages worked on farms.

Due to mechanisation, this dwindled until now only one or two may be involved in agriculture.

In the 21st century, it is shops that are going.

I cannot remember when I last shopped in Montague Street.

It is just too much trouble to struggle through the traffic, pay a fortune to park and then the shop does not have what I want or it is overpriced.

I recently needed a new car battery, so I went to a major retailer and it was on the shelf at £107 – that was where it stayed.

On the Internet the same battery was £57 and it arrived the next day, from Glasgow!

I, like many people, do all my shopping on the internet.

Town centres will have to adapt and there can only be so many coffee shops, the solution is to return them to housing and Montague Street would be ideal for this as it is pedestrianised and safe for children to play.

George Parker

Stable Lane,