Plaque position doesn’t matter

With reference to your article of August 16 about the Oscar Wilde plaque at Esplanade Court, Worthing being “in the wrong position”. I’d just like to add – if it really is crucially important to anybody – that the plaque actually reads that Oscar wrote “In a house on this site”. Well, in my view, his house was indeed “on this site” at Esplanade Court, because he lived in one of a row of cottages and when these were built, they were all of them built on one site and not on a row of individual sites (no builder, planner or rational being would ever call them separate sites, especially as the houses were terraced!) In fact, if truth be known, just about every blue plaque in this wonderful country of ours is most probably “in the wrong position”, in that the person to whom it refers wasn’t sitting or standing exactly where their plaque is now sited when they earned such a mark of respect. In my view, this all seems rather petty. The Oscar Wilde Society’s intentions may have been honourable, but surely to be able to help our fellow men and to get along with one another is every bit as crucial as the importance of being earnest!

Gary Mobsby

Brighton Road,