Platform woes

Like many residents of Lancing, I’ve spent many years taking care to travel on the correct part of the train, in order to end up in the right carriage on the ridiculously short platform at Lancing, shorter than most others in the UK despite Lancing being a major residential area.

It’s always been a pain, so I was delighted to hear about the massive investment being made currently in railway travel. I dropped a friendly line to Southern Railway to ask what their plans were to extend the platforms at Lancing.

Surely the current situation was far from ideal for them and customers and there is plenty of space to extend them. However, I don’t think they understood my question. After a couple of weeks they replied saying they were sorry to hear of my complaint (I hadn’t complained) then four weeks later a reply confirming that the platforms did indeed accommodate four carriages.

I thought I had put my question in plain enough English, but in the absence of any meaningful reply from Southern, I wonder if anyone else has got the answer or any more news?

Steve Saunders

Grafton Gardens