Playground analogy

I WONDER if Councillor Fisher would take a child to a playground and walk the infant round the swings and roundabouts, holding the youngster’s hand, denying the youth use of the facilities.

This would be necessary, because kids in another playground had infrequently misbehaved on the slides and fought on the climbing frame, and a bylaw had been introduced to protect children from anti-social behaviour.

This is my point about the draconian establishment of new areas that restrict dogs from receiving exercise.

The information supplied to me by the council’s environmental department did not establish evidence-based problems.

Children and dogs need exercise to keep fit and I regret that many dogs will now not obtain the exercise they need to stay healthy.

The councillor seems to admit that dog control orders do not work, by stating that dog fouling is a problem on Worthing’s streets.

An existing order requires all dogs to be on leads when being walked on pavements in the borough.

I fully support the measures Councillor Fisher states regarding irresponsible dog owners and see these as a better solution rather than imposing restrictions.

Lloyd Cole

Church Walk