Please act now

I would like to tell the people of Worthing a few scientifically validated facts about climate change which will effect us all.

Last week, I learnt this. Two degrees is the limit we can raise the planet’s temperature and we have raised it one degree already. Eighty per cent of the summer arctic ice has disappeared and oceans are 30 per cent more acidic.

In total, 565 billion tons more carbon can be burnt before the temperature reaches two degrees higher. 2,795 tons are already planned to be burnt by countries around the world, that’s five times too much and this figure does not include any supplies obtained by unconventional means, i.e., fracking.

So we must keep 80 per cent of our present reserves of fossil fuels in the ground let alone start getting more from fracking.

Germany today is closing nuclear power stations, and using 58 per cent renewable energy from free solar and wind power. After the initial investment these fuels will become cheaper for the population and will preserve the planet.

We have only 15 years to change or humans become extinct as the planet becomes irreversibly uninhabitable. Then the planet can breathe a sigh of relief and rebalance itself.

We can act now. We can change to giving money only to companies that do not invest in fossil fuels. Switch power supplier, savings, insurance, bank. We can inform everyone as people do not know the dangerous choices our leaders are making. They are in complete denial due to cognitive dissonance, accelerating our journey into complete disaster.

Enough is enough and no more.

To not leave a habitable environment for our grandchildren is a crime and to do nothing is to collude with those who are escalating the dangers. Please act now for all our sakes.

Julia Owen

Lyndhurst Road