Please have consideration

I am writing as a dog owner who can’t believe the amount of fireworks now let off at new year and other times, in addition to bonfire night.

Do the people letting off these fireworks not care about other people?

There are a lot of dogs which do not like fireworks and will bark and howl at the unexpected noises.

This is turn can also cause problems for the neighbours of these dogs.

I can just about accept that people want to celebrate the new year with fireworks, but there were a lot of loud fireworks in Goring just after 11pm, which went on for about half an hour.

There were also fireworks which started about 12.30am, which is when most people would have expected them to have stopped. Please think about animals, children and other people who may not enjoy fireworks, and don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night.

Yes, enjoy yourselves, but PLEASE consider others.

Pat Glue

Barrington Road,