Please have consideration

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I am the manager of Worthing United under 14’s youth football team that play our home games on Sunday mornings at the Rotary Football Ground in Worthing.

Another under 14s team plays on this pitch and an under 12s team, too.

Therefore children aged between 11-14.

On Sunday, two parents spent an unpleasant 30 minutes clearing up eight piles of dogs mess from our pitch alone.

This is one week from our last home game, so dogs have been repeatedly allowed to mess on this pitch for only one week.

So, on behalf of those two parents, myself and all our youth football teams, the dog owners that let their pets foul on any football pitch should hold their heads in shame.

It’s not the animals’ faults, it’s yours for treating a public park as a public toilet.

These minority of people are irresponsible, selfish and putting children at risk.

I know it’s cold and dark at night, but I politely ask you to clear up after your pets and use the bins that are provided.

Thank you.

Carl Moore

Worthing United

Football Club,

Beeches Avenue,