Please help me

There are two issues about which I feel strongly and would like to find ways to make my feelings count:

1. Preventing the Rampion Wind Farm from being built,

2. Persuading Virgin Media to transmit the correct local news to viewers west of the Adur.

Rampion will obliterate the beautiful, natural sea views from Worthing to Brighton and from the Downs – a frustratingly pointless sacrifice by so many people because wind farms produce so little net energy and require expensive back up.

I wonder if Virgin Media is in breach of contract by cutting off Southern local news and substituting South East news to viewers west of the Adur, without notice or explanation?

We still pay the same as before it was cut off.

We know that they can provide Southern news because they used to do just that and still do slightly further west.

Does anyone else want to stop Rampion or regain our correct local news from Virgin Media?

Are there any organisations seriously attempting to achieve these goals?

If so, I would like to help.

Please contact me.

David Bleasdale

128 Sea Lane


01903 505602