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I SHOULD like to respond to the letter in last week’s Herald entitled “Challenge Yallop”.

Bill Geddes says he has a problem with my approach to democracy. While he does not mention it in his letter, he has previously written to me as “Elections Officer” representing the Worthing Solidarity Network.

He seems to think the Your Chance to be the Chancellor survey is some sort of public vote.

To the contrary, the survey is designed to engage with the public of Worthing and seek their views.

While I would like every household to return their form, its completion is not mandatory.

The survey results are used to assist us in reaching some very difficult decisions.

I am most grateful to the Worthing residents who re-elected me with a very large majority earlier this year.

That result, together with the support of my council colleagues, provides me with the democratic mandate to take decisions.

Mr Geddes goes on to accuse the council of asking the public to sanction cuts mostly affecting young people who cannot take part in the process.

Perhaps he should look around the town, where he will witness major investment in facilities for our youngsters.

These include many new and upgraded play areas, youth football training facilities and a new swimming pool and leisure complex currently under construction.

If the Worthing Solidarity Network wishes to put democracy to the test, they could field candidates in the local elections next May. That would allow the people of Worthing to vote on their policies.

I would urge residents to follow the advice of Mr Geddes by submitting their survey forms.

Councllor Paul Yallop


Worthing Borough Council