Policy on lighting?

I WONDER if West Sussex County Council could explain the current policy to replace the street lights across Worthing.

It seems a to be something that in view of the current cuts to services for a range of people across our community, is a cost that perhaps would have been better put off.

I expect that once the question is asked, the response will be something along the lines of the new lights will save money over the long term as they are lower energy, etc, and there is also probably an EU ruling somewhere that has dictated the change, but it does seem to be terrible timing and one that I would have preferred to have been delayed.

I didn’t see the need to raise the point until today – I had assumed that this was just one of those plans that we have little say in and the council(s) will do what they deem necessary anyway – when after having the various workmen dig holes up and down our street over the past week or so, and to suddenly see double the amount of lampposts up and down our road, we noticed that more holes were being dug today.

I asked why a hole was being dug directly opposite a new lamppost that had been put in place a week ago and was told that all the new lights on the west side of the road were now being taken out and put on to the east side of the road.

I am not sure why this is the case, the workmen themselves didn’t seem to know why.

I think that it is this that has made me angry enough to write to ask for an explanation – why has a week’s worths of digging, man hours, equipment usage now been wasted to undertake a further week’s-worth of digging and moving the lamppost again?

This is presumably our money that is being used?

If there was an issue with how the posts were connected up, why hadn’t this been sorted in the planning stage – I would have thought the councils have information on cabling etc., in our streets?

In how many other roads across Worthing is the same thing being done?

I would be interested to see if you can get any response to this or whether anyone from the council would like to respond?

Rachel Hills

Evelyn Road