Poll controversy

I have recently returned from a tour of New Zealand and among my travelling companions were 20 Brits and 26 Australians.

One evening after dinner, the conversation turned to politics, and the royal wedding. I mentioned the alternative vote referendum on May 5 this year. The Brits on our tour thought the system was too complicated, and first past the post was easier to understand and less expensive.

The Australians were amazed that we were considering AT ALL changing our present system. The Australians told me that they want a referendum to return to our present system – first past the post. The Australians complained bitterly that they never ended up with the government or prime minister they had voted for. Time and time again after each election, there were delays which cost the country money, and it cost them – the taxpayer – a lot of money.

The Australians thought we were mad to consider changing to the alternative vote, when they want to change to first past the post. The Australians said to me that the alternative vote does not work. I rest my case.

Pauline James

Downview Road