Pollution problem

IN answer to letter “Figuring it all out”, the writer does not seem to grasp the fact 20’s Plenty will increase pollution.

He says himself, “car journeys do not take significantly longer – less than one minute extra over a mile at 20mph”. Correction, a vehicle travelling at 30mph takes two minutes to travel one mile, a vehicle travelling at 20mph takes three minutes to travel one mile.

If we say there are 400 traffic movements per day across restricted areas with a duration of four miles each; at 30mph, eight minutes is the duration time of journey so, 8 x 400 = 3,200 minutes divided by 60 = 53.33 hours engine running time. Therefore, at 20mph, 12 x 400 = 4,800, which divided by 60 is 80 hours engine running time – a difference of 26.67 hours extra running time and pollution of Co2 every day.

Every time you turn on a petrol/diesel engine it will induce oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, the longer the engine runs, the more carbon dioxide passes into the atmosphere.

At a time when everybody should be trying to reduce their carbon footprint, 20’s Plenty is trying desperately to push it up.

Doctors and hospitals are having to deal with a huge increase of respiratory problems such as asthma due entirely to poor air quality. That is why you will see signs at places like level crossings asking you to switch off your engine. As for the comments on house prices and improved trade and quality of life, being in business myself, I find these utter rubbish.

I would challange 20’s Plenty to get 40,000 genuine signatures in Worthing in support of their campaign – out of a population of nearly 100,000 this would show genuine support of people who want to slowly choke to death.

Chris Pearson

Melrose Avenue