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Your letters

I wish to lodge my objection to the plans to close Splashpoint swimming to adults for three days each week from 3.30pm until 6pm in order to allow for further lessons.

We only found out about these plans when we were approached by a number of adults on Friday afternoon, who like ourselves take a youngster for his swimming lesson and utilize the waiting time by going swimming ourselves.

It helps the two of us to improve on our fitness and we also take with us a further grandchild who swims with us during his cousin’s swimming lesson.

I would like to point out that already half of the pool is closed for lessons, plus the diving pool.

Surely it is better that those of us who wish to accompany our children/grandchildren should be allowed to swim at the same time and at least two lanes to be left open for this to happen.

I further resent that this seems to be a done deal, as the instructors are already telling the parents about the changes, but I am unable to find any details of these changes for the general public.

Maybe we should reconsider our loyalties in the upcoming election and campaign for the people who actually care for their communities.

Keith Parish

Ringmer Road


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