Pool is missed

Having just had the best summer for several years I’m sure many parents, grandparents and childminders will have sorely missed the paddling pool that used to be next to the Aquarena.

This was free entertainment and on days such as we have had recently it would have been packed like sardines, attracting people to the seafront.

I had hoped that the old boating lake south of the Aquarena might have been resurrected for paddling, but since the council plan to sell the whole plot for development, this seems unlikely now.

I would, therefore, like to suggest an alternative option: a shallow seawater paddling pool built on the beach just below high water mark.

A number of other seaside resorts have these, but usually further out to sea and deeper, for swimming. The advantage is that the water is automatically replaced twice a day at high tide, so cleanliness/hygiene should not be an issue and very little monitoring or maintenance would be required.

I suggest this pool is built near Splash Point (the place, not the pool – who thought it a good idea to have two different things with the same name? We will always have to be adding the explanation to differentiate between them!) near Coast Café and not far from where the old paddling pool was.

This would be an added attraction for East Worthing and near to the new children’s playground. There is a nearby grass area as well as the beach itself for picnics etc., and while parking may be a problem, well, it always has been and at least it will be on a bus route and more convenient than Brooklands.

I would be interested to know if other people think this is a good idea, too, and if so, how do we go about making it happen?

Jenny Ellis

Halsbury Close