Pool must tick over

I HAVE been reading your page entitled Business Matters and have to agree that it does, sadly.

The new swimming pool will need to at least tick over financially, in order not to be a huge drain on the public purse.

No doubt the research, which has taken years, is considered to be reasonably thorough, and Mr Anderson’s comments on Horsham’s 50-metre pool rarely being used are likely to be correct. Basically, because there isn’t one!

If he means the one at K2 in Crawley (likely to be the case, as there is only one in Sussex), I can assure Mr Anderson that swimmers who wish to do well in their chosen sport are clamouring from around the county (and, indeed, much further afield) to gain 50-metre pool time. All the higher-level competitions, from regional standard upwards, use the longer pool, and it is a very different style of swimming. However, that is not to say that 25-metre pools cannot be financially viable. Of course they can.

It is commendable, if competition is seen as important, that additional money has been found for the moveable floor. It is also encouraging that the ASA has made a contribution, but all parties who wish to see the pool used for competitive swimming galas, will be mortified when they finally realise that there is hardly any seating for spectators.

No amount of gadgetry will make a scrap of difference if the races cannot be viewed by the huge numbers that attend such events.

The numbers may well be even greater in 2013, with enthusiasm for swimming riding on the crest of the Olympic wave, which we all hope will be a huge success for Team GB.

There has to be a way of introducing more seating. I want to see it work and be an asset to our community.

Mick Frayne

Strathmore Road