Poor mix of homes

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I WRITE in reply to Martin Booker’s letter on January 12, about housing in Worthing.

The housing situation in Worthing seems to have very little planning for common sense, in my view.

The council seems determined to destroy some of the most beautiful properties left in the town and replace them with highly-priced apartments.

This will, I believe, be good for the council tax coffers, but have an adverse long-term effect.

For one thing, we have already seen a huge inadequacy in the number of carers available to help the existing housebound and disabled residents in the town; to bring more older people in (they are the ones who can afford to buy these apartments) must surely soon escalate this need for carers?

Where are we going to find them if there are fewer younger, fitter, working people coming in?

I believe there is a legal requirement to build “affordable” housing on a fixed ratio to new (non-affordable?) housing.

There is another large development being built on the Western seafront – where is the proportionate affordable housing? Certainly not in that area.

It is proposed to build affordable property on the much-disputed Titnore Lane site.

How will that work? There is no supporting infrastructure there to support them.

Bus services are expensive (if they can’t afford a home, can they afford a car?), parking problems if they DO have cars, greater road traffic congestion, more pollution and still the ever-increasing risk of flooding from the destruction of the woodlands’ power to absorb the rain are not going to benefit the town.

Trudi Starling

Alexandra Court