Poor parking

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I NOTE that it is proposed to extend the Worthing parking zones to include Ham Road and roads around it.

That will be fascinating.

At present, cars park completely on the pavement in Lyndhurst Road and Ham Road.

They have also destroyed the grass verge at the edge of Pages Lane.Will this be stopped?

At present, PCSOs and traffic wardens have no powers, unless there are yellow lines or other restrictions.

The police totally ignore everything, it seems.

The pavement in Ham Road is wide enough to allow laybys.

However, several houses from Chester Avenue to Pages Lane have decided to knock down their front walls and drive over the pavement to their property.

The kerbs have been destroyed and it does not seem that dropped kerbs have been applied for.Whether that would be allowed is another matter entirely. If a layby were constructed, parking would not allow them access.

It is time we sorted out the parking problems and gave the pavements back to the pedestrians.

Of course, if the plans go ahead, it will then mean that the few roads before Brooklands, at present unzoned,will be clogged with hospital workers and others – then, no doubt, all roads will be zoned.

A good moneyspinner, no doubt.

Sue Humphreys

Meadow Road