Poor resurfacing job

THE people of Sheridan Road waited for well over a year, possibly two or three, for the road to be resurfaced, but the holes were just filled unbelievably badly.

Some holes haven’t been filled and some of the new patches are breaking up. No doubt the excuse is lack of money.

There are 15 very short cycle lanes like this across the ends of minor roads entering Lyndhurst Road.

Obviously, the cycles have priority as they are on the main road, so the lanes are completely pointless but there was money to spare for them.

No sensible person would cross a road immediately after a blind bend, but here is a crossing for a cycle lane in Dominion Road that does exactly that.

This demonstrates how the council likes to spend our money on the roads and their knowledge of the Highway Code and road safety.

They are said to be unanimously in favour of the expensive 20’s Plenty for Worthing scheme.

Surprise, surprise!

Chris Gould

Georgia Avenue