Positive experience

IT is very gratifying to be able to counterbalance the negative impression of the NHS, that is all too prevalent in our newspapers, with my own positive experience during a recent eight-day stay in Worthing Hospital, following a bicycle accident that resulted in a fractured hip.

This experience started with the expert work of the ambulance crew, who managed to lift my sizeable and pained body into the ambulance, with a minimum of fuss. I was then received in A&E and cared for very efficiently, before being taken to Becket ward.

The medical and nursing staff were kind and attentive and prepared me for my operation, which, to date, has been a complete success. After the operation, I was transferred to Coombes ward, for a week of initial recovery. I have nothing but wholehearted praise for the work of the medical and nursing staff. The 12-hour duty shifts could be seen to be onerous, but at all times the staff were highly professional, kind, willing and understanding. Demands of patients were met with prompt responses and an unfailing sense of humour, shared with all.

Another notable aspect of the work in the hospital was the attention paid to hygiene and cleanliness, an area which is all too often the centre of much criticism. To see wards, corridors, toilets and administrative areas cleaned, very thoroughly, twice daily, is very reassuring.

The post-operative care I have received from the physiotherapists in the hospital and the staff, nursing and physiotherapy, who have visited me at home, has been first class in every respect.

May I, therefore, extend my gratitude the staff who cared for me. They are all doing a superb job, that is, of course, a true vocation and one that by no means can be seen to be easy or staightforward.

Richard Middleton.

Manor Road