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Your letters

We have today witnessed the fourth attempt since October at repairing one of the large potholes opposite our development outside the show apartment.

Every time, two workmen arrive, they sweep out the stones and shovel in the Tarmac, there is no evidence of a machine to tamp it down, nor is there any effort made to cut the section neatly so as to create a neater edge for the infill material to bond to.

The result is that within less than half a day with traffic passing over it, it has dipped and will only be a matter of time before the whole sorry process of the surface wearing away begins again.

I am a local resident in Worthing, I pay council tax and I cannot watch anymore without making an official complaint about the inept, wasteful procedure of trying to fill these potholes which is just such a waste of money.

Why can’t the job be done once correctly as opposed to patching it numerous times, not to add the damage being done to drivers car wheels?

E. Rodda

Marine Parade


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