Praise for plaza

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Your letters

Further to your article regarding upgrading Portland Road into a pedestrianised ‘plaza’, we agree that this would bring a much-needed uplift to an otherwise boring street in the centre of town.

We moved two months ago from London to Liverpool Terrace, Worthing, and can see Worthing moving forward in the right direction.

Andy Sparsis’ new restaurant, with good food and friendly staff, contribute to this upgrade.

The potential development of ‘Portland Plaza’ could further boost the Portland Road shopping area.

Vertical landscaping could improve the ugly Boots facade and elevations, other regeneration could include installing traditional Victorian-style lanterns, like those in Liverpool Terrace, the planting of mature London Plain trees, built-in bench planters, a central water fountain feature – perhaps even a sculpture similar to the Dame Elizabeth Frink sculptures in Alexander Terrace!

All this could make the new ‘Portland Plaza’ into an artists’ and tourists’ walking trail attraction, which could include walks to the historical Ambrose Place and Park Crescent.

A flower market would bring colour to the area, as well as the previously mentioned live music and artisan food market.

We hope that Worthing council can help make this the next ‘Covent Garden plaza’ for Worthing town centre.

Claude de Zitter and Ian Rothman

Liverpool Terrace


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