Praise is due

We are all quick to complain when we receive bad treatment at the hospital, I myself recently went to A&E and left feeling like they had deemed me a waste of their time, even though in the fullness of time it turned out that there was a serious problem, but we should also always praise where praise is due.

Recently I had the trauma of learning that at 17 weeks pregnant, my baby had died.

I was looked after in the Bramber triage ward by an absolutely wonderful group of people including a nurse named Jacqui who was exceptionally kind, caring and compassionate, and Dr Ruth Mason, who took incredible care of me.

Shortly after I was transferred to the delivery suite to give birth, again the care I received from the entire team was nothing short of exemplary, in particular, the midwife who stayed with me over the two days I was in, Gillian, couldn’t have been more wonderful.

I have nothing but praise for this entire incredible team, including doctors, nurses, midwives, anaesthetists, cleaning staff, etc., who showed not only fabulous levels of competence and professionalism, but also treated my husband and I as people and did all they could to make an extremely painful and difficult time as bearable as possible.

Becky S