Pregnant pause

FEBRUARY is the month for the Global Population Speak Out each year.

Founded in 2008 in the US, it is an opportunity for people around the world to pledge to speak out on this issue.

The size and growth of the planet’s human population is a fundamental cause of the environmental problems facing us.

Overproduction and consumption in developed nations, along with improved health and longevity, shortage of food and basic healthcare in the developing world – all these are exacerbated by the simple fact that there are too many of us, both in this country and worldwide.

Investment in voluntary family planning is probably the most cost-effective means of mitigating this global tragedy.

Giving couples everywhere the ability to prevent unplanned pregnancies is critical for the health and well-being of women, their children, their communities and the planet.

In all the discussion about climate change, peak oil and food security, we hardly ever hear population mentioned.

I have been unable to find a UK-based charity which provides family planning in the developing world.

Closer to home, my contract as a specialty family planning doctor in the Worthing under-25s clinic has not been renewed. I fear much of the service may be run down in the current financial climate.

Dr Kathy Grant

Browning Road