Pressure needs to be put on our MPs to force change after Brexit


Every week in your correspondence pages we read of complaints about the council, police, the NHS, the lack of help for the homeless, teaching methods and the lack of help for the mentally ill.

I believe they are all justified, but the problems arise from central government and the reduced amount of funding and restraints put on local government.

It makes much more sense putting pressure on our local MPs by contacting them directly (not by writing to your paper).

Our local MPs do an excellent job. The major decisions are made in Westminster by Theresa May, her cabinet and the two Houses of Parliament.

Therefore, as was done to ensure Worthing Hospital’s A&E was not closed, more direct contact with Number 10 and central government is the answer and what all of us should concentrate on.

I have found that locally people are very hard-working and do their work despite being in trying circumstances. Complaining only makes their work more difficult.

With Brexit coming to an end, the Government will have much more time to consider day-to-day problems which we suffer.

I hope, therefore, the cabinet ministers will be able to think more clearly and they have more time to make the decisions your readers are asking for.

I believe our Government should be much more effective than it has been, and stop playing ‘party politics’ so much of the time.

John Houghton

Ambrose Place, Worthing


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