Pride in hospital

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Being rushed to hospital is never a stressless occasion.

However, on Wednesday, July 17, my wife took me to A&E at Worthing.

From our arrival, we were reassured and helped by the reception staff.

In an hour and half, I had been seen by a triage nurse then passed on to a doctor and a consultant.

From there, on to have a CT scan and moved to the AMU ward with the fabulous staff who looked after me in bay five.

I then had to undergo a lumbar punch, done by very patient doctors and a consultant.

After-care from everyone was great until we got the news that I had the all-clear.

With all the negative press for the NHS, let’s remember all the people who protested to keep Worthing open.We were among those who made a human chain around the hospital.

I am very proud of my hospital.

Again, I cannot thank all the staff enough for my care.

Paul Wornham

Harbour Way