Punished enough

AS a regular attendee of the Connaught Theatre, I am deeply saddened and upset to hear that, once again, there is talk of closing the theatre down. Do we the public not have a say in this?

Surely to goodness and mercy we have been punished enough.

Not only do we have to pay more for petrol, food, fuel bills, heating, council tax and parking, to say nothing of the rise in VAT, etc., but we are now being further punished by being deprived of our few leisure breaks. Are we going to be condemned to sit at home?

It is also rumoured that the Pavilion would be upgraded.

How much would this cost! To say nothing of where one would park.

Many theatregoers are not able to walk far and the Connaught does have a car park right on its doorstep. It also has a larger stage.

This will also affect the travelling theatre companies, one less place for them to go.

So, please do not close this last surviving theatre, once it is gone there will be no looking back.

I do sincerely hope this has not already been decided upon.

It certainly does seem to have been kept very quiet.

And, no doubt, the developers are there hovering in the wings.

Roberta Edwards