Quality outlets can fend for themselves

NOW the hysteria about the planned Tesco store at Goring Road has died down a bit, I think a cool, clear look should be given.

I, personally, like Tesco stores and will shop there if it is built.

The quality stores in Goring Road, in my opinion, will not suffer too much.

We have a superb baker, and a greengrocer who sells fresh local produce, a well-stocked hardware shop, a pet shop and a florist, all of which Tesco cannot come near for quality.

All the others are not in competition with supermarkets, apart from a very good cheap freezer shop and the Co-op.

As for the the Co-op, everyone seems to have overlooked the fact that it has 10 branches in Worthing (Alldays merged with the Co-op) which will be in direct competition with Tesco.

I have lived in the Goring Road area for nearly 70 years and can recall there being two supermarkets most times in the road over the years, plus, at one time, a Woolworths.

Surely, competition is only good for us shoppers? I notice many pro- Tesco letters on your website, so I am not alone.

K. Cheal

Downview Road