Questing statistics on 20mph roads

SADLY, the small but very vocal minority who think reducing vehicle speeds on residential roads is a bad idea continue to twist the truth to try to mislead Herald readers (Chris Gould’s letter, August 23).

Chris states that last year the number of deaths and serious injuries on 20mph roads across the whole of the UK increased by 24 per cent, while those on 30mph roads dropped by 1 per cent.

Anyone with even a basic understanding of statistics will realise these figures are meaningless without knowing if the number of miles of road covered by each speed limit changed over that time. By far the most likely reason for the increase is that there were more roads with 20mph limits in 2011 than in 2010!

If you changed all the 30mph roads to 20mph, the number of deaths and injuries on 20mph roads would increase dramatically while those on 30mph roads would drop to zero. No one in their right mind would argue this proves 20mph is more dangerous than 30mph!

Towns and cities across the country are adopting 20mph limits in response to public support for them and the safety and quality of life benefits they bring.

I challenge anyone to find one road in Worthing where the majority of residents would be against a 20mph speed limit for their road. The 20’s Plenty for Worthing campaign ( consistently finds 70 to 80 per cent of people are in favour of 20mph on residential roads. If any residents’ group would like a presentation on the benefits, please get in contact with me through the website.

Duncan Kay

20’s Plenty for Worthing

Boundary Road